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Teflon® Fluoropolymer

DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer is a fluorocarbon-based polymer, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The Teflon brand of PTFE is manufactured exclusively by DuPont.

Materials such as Teflon® fluoropolymer in the fluoroplastic family offer high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, good resistance to weathering, a low co-efficient of friction, "slipperiness," and electrical and thermal insulation.

Teflon® fluoropolymer's mechanical properties are low compared to other plastics, but its properties remain at a useful level over a wide temperature range of -100 F to +400 F (-73 C to +204 C). Its mechanical properties are often enhanced by adding fillers. PTFE is very dense and cannot be melt processed. It must be compressed and sintered to form useful shapes.

For more detailed information on the properties of Teflon® fluoropolymer, please click here.

Jade produces a wide variety of parts using Teflon® fluoropolymer and other PTFE materials. To find the range of materials best suited to your application, please contact a Jade Materials Specialist.

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