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Jade Continues to Add Capacity, Personnel
Jade has added both new equipment and new personnel in recent months in order to stay out in front of customer needs, while enhancing current quality control and order turnaround.

Ken Wilson has joined Jade as quality control technician. Ken formerly was with Applied Machine Technology, Warren, RI.

Jade also has installed two major new pieces of equipment. The new 2.5" diameter Bar Capacity Methods CNC Lathe with LNS magazine bar feeder widens Jade's range for machining parts from bar stock. "It fills a void in our machining capability and adds to our overall machining efficiency," says Jade President Steve Holland.

Steve describes the company's other new acquisition, a Kiwa 6-Pallet Horizontal Machining Center, as a significant increase in Jade's overall machining capacity.

Each of the six pallets can hold different tooling, which makes the machine extremely agile. Additionally, the machine can run without an operator.

"Once we set it up, we can leave and it will run all night," Steve adds. "With it, we can run three or six months of product at one time, and have it on the shelf when the customer needs it."

The unit also provides highly-precise machining capabilities and fast set-up for top flexibility.

"The capacity and flexibility are pretty extraordinary," Steve says. "Bringing this on line is like adding 24 new machines."

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